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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Interview for PCGR 1.2 with Dethmama

Posted by Christian Sinclair On 10:24 PM 1 comment

A new tradition has begun. The past host will interview the current host so you can see behind the curtain a little bit more.

Here Christian Sinclair from Pallimed interviews Dethmama, the March 2009 host of PCGR.

1. You started blogging on the Dethmama Chronicles in the Summer of 2008. What inspired you at that time to start blogging?

I started blogging in June 2008 because I finally got the guts to do it. I remember pulling up blogger.com so many times and then running away because I was sure I wouldn't have the technical skill to handle a blog. Yeesh, was I ever wrong.

But the purpose of the blog was simply to have "someone" to talk to about my work. My job is actually quite lonely-- no co-workers to chat with and my non-hospice friends do not want to hear details about my "day" at work. Our society puts a lot of effort into avoiding the realities of death and dying. Talking to friends about my job really throws them way out of their comfort zone.

2. Why Dethmama as a nom de plume? Is this a nickname you have given yourself or was it bestowed upon you?

The name Dethmama came completely naturally, but I'll give credit to the spelling "deth" to Adult's Swim's "Metalocalypse" which features a metal band called Dethklok. I have no doubt that I'm the oldest, fervent viewer of Adult Swim in America.

3. Hospice nurses have so many interesting stories and experiences. Why do you think other hospice nurses don't blog?

I have no idea why more hospice nurses aren't blogging about their experiences. Maybe many of them are blessed with people to talk to about their work and help them cope. There's a good chance that if I had had a good support system, there would be no Dethmama Chronicles. Oh, dear that sounds pitiful...

4. Please name the last three movies you saw and give a 6 word review of each.

OMG, the movies. You have no idea how much I watch movies (too cheap to go to the the theater, though). In spite of all this I'm actually drawing a blank on this one. Although, there's no doubt that "Caddyshack" still ranks as the greatest movie of all time. Right? My six word review: I laughed until I shat myself.

5. Please name three of your favorite bands and tell us why in 6 words each.

Haven't really focused on listening to bands in a long time. For many years now I've been a big fan of music from India and other Asian sources. Doesn't matter if it's traditional or contemporary --- just love the stuff. I have no idea why that is.

6. Did your interest in ghosts start with your hospice work or were you interested in ghosties before then and hospice work just intensified it?

My interest in "the ghosties" started very early in childhood. Yes, working in hospice has probably intensified my interest and I always try to stay aware of anything "unusual" when I attend the death of a patient. My very recent run-in with "Mr. H." is my first and so far only, unexplained, "on the job" experience.

7. Can ghosts read blogs?

Ha! Tell you what, Christian. You'll be the first person I Twitter when I get a comment from one!


Thank you for the heads up on this interview. Great idea about the past host interviewing the current host!

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